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Postponed due to hurricane florence


Several teams residing in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas that registered for our 3 on 3 basketball have reached out to us and voiced their concerns. The majority of the teams that are registered stay in areas that are under a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Florence. They have voiced concerns of having to cover the cost of travel with their families two weeks in a row. A.E.C understands how this can cause a financial inconvenience.

We would like this tournament to be a big success and fun for both participants and spectators. While also being aware of unexpected circumstances. Therefore we are postponing the tournament. 

All refunds have been issued. We will update everyone on the new date and time once it is established. 

We wish safe travels to everyone evacuating due to Hurricane Florence. 

Thank you!  

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Kroger to Sponsor the 2018 A.e.C  3 on 3 Basketball tournament / Food Drive

Atlanta,  Georgia 

The Athletic Elevation Club would like to thank Kroger for 
sponsoring this years 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament and Food Drive.

Due to this sponsorship, we are expanding our food drive to benefit more students. 

Also, we will be giving away a special prize to the  tournament MVP! 





A.E.C  Sponsors the WBCBL National Championship  Tournament

Charlotte,  North Carolina 

The Athletic Elevation Club will sponsor the  2018 WBCBL National Tournament. 8 teams will battle it out to take home the championship trophy. On August 5th, one team will be crowned the winner, and one player will be named the 2018 Athletic Elevation Club Most Valuable Player! 




D1 Prep clinic 

Charlotte,  North Carolina 

We would to thank the highly motivated and dedicated participants, as well as their supportive parents, who attended our D1 Prep Clinic hosted by the Charlotte Invasion . This event was truly fun, knowledgeable, and a great success! 

We would also like the thank Antwain Peay for leading the camp, The Dwight Howard Boys & Girls Club, Coach Carter of The Charlotte Nets, and The Milton Road Boys and Girls Club. 

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 CharloTTe Invasion 

Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League(WBCBL)






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