A.E.C is dedicated to creating a safe and fun environment for spectators, players, and personnel. Therefore, the use of profanity, verbal attacks, fighting, taunting, harsh language directed towards tournament referees or personnel, or any behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate by personnel from any player or spectator will be handled on a case by case basis from personnel. This can result in removal from the premises by security and may be subject to other legal action.

A.E.C owners and designated personnel have the power to interpret and make decisions on any points that are not specifically outlined in this Rules & Regulations document. They also  have the power to interpret the intent and purpose of these Rules & Regulations. A.E.C owners and specified personnel have the right to disqualify any player/team for violating any rules or policies. A.E.C owners and designated personnel have the right to remove any participant or spectator from the premises of a contest if they are deemed in violation of rules or policies.


All participating players are expected to have good sportsmanship. This includes but  not limited to

  • No taunting
  • No fighting
  • No verbal attacks on referees

Violation of these actions will result in a technical foul and/or removal from the game. Also additional penalties such as suspension from entering future contest will be determined by personnel on a case by case basis. Referee’s decisions are not subject for review. Therefore they are final. A.E.C does extensive research on all referees to ensure they are all highly experienced and well trained.


All participants must be at least 18 years old or over during the time of registration. During check in before each game, players must provide the proper documentation to verify their age and birthdate. This includes a photo ID. Participants who don’t have this identification may be deemed ineligible to compete. This will be determined by personnel.

Participants providing false or misleading age verification documentation will be deemed ineligible and disqualified for participating in current and future contest.   

Participants in high school or college should consult with the coach or official  of their respective high school sports organization or college sports organization  to see if participating effects further sports eligibility. A.E.C is not responsible.

The game schedule will be posted by the Thursday of the tournament on the A.E.C website and on IM Leagues. If there are any trials preventing the schedule from posting this will be communicated.

After a team is given a spot in the tournament,  a return fee will be assessed on the following schedule.
$35  up to 24 hours from which the payment is received 

$50  After 24 hours the payment is received 

All teams will be locked after September  15th 

Refunds will be issued through PayPal so it is also subjected to their fees. 

Please allow 3 -5 business days for the refunds to process and show up in your account. 

Tournament Cancellation

In the event the tournament has to be cancelled due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances, players have the option to request a refund in which all fees paid by players will be refunded.

If a cancellation occurs after the tournament has started, only the remaining teams will be eligible for a refund. Teams that have been eliminated are not.

Game Day Operations

All players must check in prior to entering the game. The player must show a picture id ( for instance state issued driver license, military id, college id).  The player’s name on the id and name on the registration must match.

Each team will be given five minutes prior to the game to check in and warm up.

Each player will receive an equal portion of the cash prize

A.E.C owns the right to use any media (photos, video, etc) that is captured by designated personnel or any media pertaining to A.E.C.

Game rules 


The duration of each game is ten minutes.

If the game is tied at the end of this ten minute period There will be a one minute overtime period. All additional overtime periods will be one minute.

Shots made outside of the three point arc are worth two points, and shots made inside of the three point arch are worth one point.


Each team is allowed one 30 second timeout. .


Substitutions can be made during time outs and after a whistle. 

If a player is injured, then the team is allowed to substitute in another player.

Change of possession

During a change of possession, the player must take the ball outside of the three point arc. The player must be clearly outside of the three point arc including the ball and the player’s entire body. Regardless if the ball is ‘air balled’ .

First Possession

The team that is the higher seed will receive the ball first. For the first tournament, seeding is simply determined by registration date and time. Following the first tournament winners will automatically become #1 seeds.

Putting the ball in play

When the opposing team scores or the ball goes out of bounds the ball will be “checked”. The offensive player must pass the ball to the on ball defender. The on ball defender must be inside the three point arc until the offensive player has possession of the ball. Once the on-ball defender passes the ball back to the offensive player they can then proceed to play defense on the player inside or outside of the three point arch. The offensive player can now proceed with normal offense operations ( dribble, pass, score, etc)  

Jump Ball Situations

In jump ball situations, the team that did not receive the ball at the start of the game gets the ball. The possession then alternates.


Shooting and non-shooting fouls result in one free throw for shots attempted inside of the three point arch and two free throws for shots attempted outside of the three point arc.

If a player is fouled and makes the basket, the player will shoot one free throw.

Flagrant fouls will result in one free throw for the team of the player fouled, and the player who committed the flagrant foul may be ejected from the game if decided by the referees.

Game Clock/Shot clock

The game clock will continue to run unless stopped by referees or during timeouts.

The shot clock will be 15 seconds. It starts when the ball is in play and resets after each change of possession.

Free throws: A player has 10 seconds to shoot each free throw

No three second or five second lane violations